Our People


“When we pray in gratitude for our relationship with God, when we say 'yes' to a kind of belonging that joins us with all others as a part of the family of man, the resources of the universe rush to bless us."  Adventures in Prayer, Sharon Connors

Rev. Sharon, along with being Sr. Minister at Unity of Carlsbad,  is a Personal Growth and Business Coach with over 20 years of experience as a CEO.  Along with a gift for Team Building, Sharon has the ability to marry innovative strategies to realizing one’s goals and dreams.  Having launched 3 businesses of her own, along with being a church leader, she knows how to build successful teams and organizations.

Prior to establishing her coaching practice, Sharon led ministries in Florida, San Francisco, Kansas City, and San Diego.  She has served as Chair of the Board of Trustees  for Unity Worldwide Ministries and as President of the Board of the Southwestern Unity Region. Other board positions include the Advisory Board for the Association for Global New Thought, the Board of Holos Graduate Theological Seminary, and the Board of Bread for the Journey.  Sharon has also served in the community on the Boards of East County Salvation Army and Crisis House.  

She has a BA from Michigan State in Spanish & Business and an MA in Vocational Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University.  Sharon has been an educator of children and adults.

Finally, Sharon is a published author of 3 books, "Adventures in Prayer", "Seasons of Inspiraiton", and "Adventures in Prayer" for children ages 9-12,  She is Certified Handwriting Analyst who has worked in the area of Personnel Selection & Development.  Sharon has been inspiring people from all walks of life to discover their potential and realize their dreams.  Sharon shares her vision on  her blog "Living An Inspired Life"  at Prayer Frontiers Blogspot.

For fun, Sharon plays clarinet in a community band - fulfilling one of her life-long dreams.

Sharon Connors, MA, PCC

Rev. Cathy Carver, Associate Minister (on right), an exciting speaker with a crisp sense of humor; multi-talented former TV personality.

Rev. Cathy Ellicott Carver brings quite a background to Unity of Carlsbad. She has a BA from Notre Dame, and did her graduate work at Loyola University, University of North Florida and Jacksonville University School of Management.
Before she was ordained, “Cathy,” then Kathy Ellicott, had quite a varied career: American Airlines Flight Attendant, TV Weathercaster; Newscaster; Model; TV Producer; Commercial Talent; TV Network Actress; Newspaper Columnist; School Teacher, Social Worker, PR Director and Assistant GM, and finally she became a part owner of the ABC radio station in Baltimore where she hosted a live 1 hour talk show called “Open Line” for 8 years. She later used her GS 13 Government Rating to become an Executive at HUD in Jacksonville Florida.
After ordination, Rev. Kathy Ellicott served as Senior Minister in Carlsbad for 8 years. She also wrote a column for the Blade Tribune Newspaper during that time. In an article about Rev. Kathy Ellicott (now Cathy with a “C” and her married name ‘Carver’), one of the members of her congregation described her as a ‘synthesist’. “She brings Science, Philosophy and Sci Fi together showing their oneness - with spontaneous humor.  She proves there are many paths to the top of the Spiritual Mountain, but only ONE destination.”  After her resignation, she returned to broadcasting as Host and Producer of the TV show “Open Mind,” which aired nationwide. After her husband died, she was drawn back to her spiritual calling, and served as Minister Emeritus with Rev. Ray Wiggins for 5 years, again at Unity of Carlsbad. For the last few years, she has served this same church as Associate Minister to Rev. Sharon Connors.